Albers’ prints are better than his paintings. There, I said it. 


Symmetrical curves are way too hard to paint.

I had a dream my favorite professor from college was deathly ill and he had all but given up on life and it was the most depressing dream I’ve ever had. 

Dear Gunblr

I’m looking into getting my first rifle. When I first started looking into them I had my heart set on a FAL. Then my friend said he wanted to build an AR and that seemed cool so I looked into that process and while it does seem fun, I quickly realized that that market isn’t really for me seeing as I was drawn to the look of basic 20” A2s more than the tacticool stuff and building one would almost be a waste.

Then I turned to back to .308 rifles and looked at stuff like the PTR91, M1A and AR10. Ideally I wish I could afford a pre ban (it matters where I live) HK91, but that seems to be a pipe dream at this point. I would prefer getting a .308 over a 5.56 since I don’t shoot too too much and the cost of more expensive ammo wouldn’t be as significant, but I’m not totally against 5.56 either. I basically want to shoot it for fun and I guess as a SHTF type of deal. I’m not looking at optics or anything, irons are fine for me, cause like I said before I’m sorta in love with these simple looking, bone stock guns. Do any of you gun nerds have any other options I’m not considering or have any experience shooting or owning any of the rifles mentioned here ? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. 

Mailman snow beard MMXIV.

Mailman snow beard MMXIV.

New collages.

New collages.

I woke up at like 0130 the other night and just had to look up Motherwell’s Pancho Villa, Dead and Alive. Then I went back to sleep.

Massachusetts doesn’t make any sense

Anyone who can run multiple blogs is some kind of a superhero. I can’t even handle one.

Almost done a new dumb painting.

I finally start delivering mail tomorrow. 6 years of dreaming coming to fruition.

Cool building in Boston near post office place.

Cool building in Boston near post office place.

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